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How to manage end-customers as a SaaS admin

As a SaaS provider, you will are able to create, manage and access accounts for your end-customers.

Please make sure to use your unique URL to access, and log in with your SaaS admin account. Example URL to access, for SaaS company "ACME": supports various scenario's to manage your end-customers:

  • Self-service model: your end-customers activate their own integrations
  • Full-service model: your Customer Success or Support team manages the integrations of your end-customers

In the Full-service model, you will activate integrations inside the Account of your end-customer in

Step 1: Create a customer account

Make sure to create a new Account for each end-customer.

Access the Account of one end-customer using the "Login to account" icon or button (also called the "spy" icon).

Step 2: activate an integration for your customer

Inside the Account of your end-customer, you can add one or more Integrations, based on one of your templates or you could build a new integration from scratch.

Step 3: invite your customer to authorize access to their cloud application(s)

Use the "Invite" button in the Setup of an integration or under "My datasources", to invite your end-customer to authorize access to their cloud applications, e.g. authorizing access to their CRM using oAuth, or providing an API key.

Invite button when adding a new datasource under "My Datasources":

Sending out the invite email:

Example invite email sent to your customer:

Step 4: return to your SaaS Admin account

Use the "spy" icon in the top right corner to return to your SaaS Admin account.

Overview video

This video shows how to access, how to create user logins for your internal team members, how to create Accounts for end-customers and how to activate integrations for one end-customer:

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How to manage end-customers as a SaaS admin

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